Camera-ready versions of the accepted papers

Farsighted Voting Dynamics
S. Obraztsova, O. Lev, M. Polukarov, Z. Rabinovich, and Jeffrey S. Rosenschein

Doodle poll games
S. Obraztsova, E. Elkind, M. Polukarov, and Z. Rabinovich

Approximating Optimal Social Choice under Metric Preferences
E. Anshelevich, O. Bhardwaj, and J. Postl

Market Price Competition in Networks: How do monopolies impact social welfare?
E. Anshelevich, S. Sekar

Adaptive Rumor Spreading
J. Correa, M. Kiwi, N. Olver, and A. Vera

Imperfect-Recall Abstractions with Bounds
C. Kroer and T. Sandholm

Role Assignment for Game-Theoretic Cooperation
C. Moon and V. Conitzer

History-Independent Distributed Multi-Agent Learning
A. Fiat, Y. Mansour, M. Schain

Abstraction Using Analysis of Subgames
A. Basak and C. Kiekintveld

Security Games with Information Leakage: Modeling and Computation
H. Xu, A. Jiang, A. Sinha, Z. Rabinovich, S. Dughmi, M. Tambe

Handling Payoff Uncertainty with Adversary Bounded Rationality in Green Security Domains
A. Yadav, T. H. Nguyen, F. D. Fave, M. Tambe, N. Agmon, M. Jain, W. Ramono, T. Batubara