Workshop on

Auction Mechanisms for Robot Coordination

Held in conjunction with
The Twenty-First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence - AAAI 2006

July 17, 2006, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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Workshop Description

Robot teams are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to single robots for a variety of difficult robotic tasks, such as planetary exploration or planetary base assembly. A key factor for the success of a robot team is the ability to coordinate the team members in an effective way. Coordination involves the allocation and execution of individual tasks through an efficient (preferably, decentralized) mechanism. It is desirable to enable good decision making while communicating as little information as possible.

Recently, there has been significant interest in using auction-based methods for robot coordination. In these methods, the communicated information consists of bids robots place on various tasks, and coordination is achieved by a process similar to winner determination in auctions. Auction-based methods balance the trade-off between purely centralized methods (full communication) and purely decentralized methods (no communication) in both efficiency and quality.

The proposed workshop attempts to draw the leading researchers in this active area of research to discuss and analyze issues related to auction-based robot coordination. This emerging field of research has demonstrated significant progress in its few years of existence, however heretofore there has been no official forum for involved researchers to share experience, establish foundations, and explore future directions.

Our goal is to cover both the practical aspects of the subject (distributed implementation, limited communication, target applications), as well as the theoretical ones (theoretical guarantees, computational complexity, communication complexity) through a series of invited talks, research presentations, and discussion sessions during a one-day meeting. Even though this workshop focuses primarily on auctions and robots, we welcome participation from related areas, such as generic market mechanisms and conventional robot/agent coordination with the goal of fertilizing further the common ground between these disciplines.

Mailing List
We have set up a mailing list to facilitate communication among interested participants. Our goal is to extend the use of this list beyond the workshop and use it as a forum for discussing ideas and issues related to auction-based robot/agent coordination.
auction at intelligence . tuc . gr

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Related AAAI-06 Tutorial on Auction-Based Agent Coordination
The related AAAI-06 tutorial on Auction-Based Agent Coordination will take place on Sunday, July 16, 2006, the day before the workshop. It can serve as an introduction to the topics of the workshop. To find out more about this tutorial, follow this link. A separate registration through AAAI is required to attend the tutorial.
Wiki Page
The Market-Based Multirobot Coordination wiki hosted at CMU is a place for researchers to present work, gather resources, share ideas, and more. To find out more follow this link.
Some pictures from the tutorial and the workshop are available online in this album.