Lightning talks

H. Aziz, F. Brandt, and P. Harrenstein. Fractional hedonic games

Y. Li, V. Conitzer. Complexity of stability-based solution concepts inMC-net and multi-issue cooperative games

Y. Bachrach, O. Lev, S. Lovett, J. S. Rosenschein, and M. Zadimoghaddam. Cooperative weakest link games.

M. Vinyals, V. Robu, A. Rogers, and N. R. Jennings. Prediction-of-use games: a cooperative game theory approach to sustainable energy tariffs

A. Marple, A. Rey, J. Rothe, Bribery in multiple-adversary path-disruption games is hard for the second level of the polynomial hierarchy

O. Skibski, T. Michalak, T. Rahwan and M. Wooldridge. Algorithms for the Myerson and Shapley values in graph-restricted games

K. Pawlowski, K. Kurach, K. Svensson, S. Ramchurn, T. Michalak, T. Rahwan. Coalition structure generation with the graphics processing unit

Sessions for Lightning talks

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