5 July 2013: Scholarships awarded

We are very happy to announce that three travel grants (sponsored by IFAAMAS) were awarded to three PhD candidates from under-represented countries in AAMAS conferences, two from Romania and one from Turkey.

Moreover, we awarded five registraton waiver grants (sponsored by EETN) to four PhD candidates and one post-graduate student.

All in all, we had 35 applications for a scholarship, 20% of which were from IFAAMAS under-represented countries, i.e. Romania, Cyprus, Turkey and South Africa. We had applications from the UK, Spain, US, and, of course, Greece. Nine (9) PhD candidates, four (4) post-graduate students, and 19 under-graduate students applied.

We would like to thank all applicants as they were all excellent candidates and wish to see you all soon in Crete!