Cooperative Games and Multiagent Systems

Thursday, July 25, 2013, 9:00am – 1:00pm
Presented by Georgios Chalkiadakis
Located in Main Amphitheatre – Science bldg.
In track Tutorials

Cooperative game theory studies the behavior of self-interested agents in strategic settings where binding agreements among agents are possible.
I present a survey of work on the computational aspects of cooperative game theory and its links to multiagent systems.
I begin by formally defining transferable utility games, and introducing key solution concepts for such games.
I survey several formalisms for cooperative games that have been proposed in the literature. I briefly discuss games with non-transferable utility and partition function games, overview algorithms for identifying welfare-maximizing coalition structures and methods used by rational agents to form coalitions.
I conclude by considering applications and future research directions.
The tutorial is based on the textbook “Cooperative Aspects of Computational Game Theory”, co-authored by Edith Elkind, Michael Wooldridge and myself: – and on tutorials we have jointly given on this topic in the past.