Exploiting Linked Geospatial Data in Building Multi-Agent System Applications

Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 4:45pm – 8:15pm
Presented by Manolis Koubarakis
Located in Main Amphitheatre – Science bldg.
In track Tutorials

Linked data is a new research area which studies how one can make RDF data available on the Web, and interconnect it with other data with the aim of increasing its value for everybody. The resulting Web of data has recently started being populated with geospatial data. A representative example of such efforts is the big amount of geospatial data from the United Kingdom made available as linked data by Ordnance Survey (http://data.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/).
In general, the recent wide availability of open government data, some of it encoded already in RDF, demonstrate that the development of useful Web applications might be just a few SPARQL queries away.
In this tutorial we survey the state of the art in the area of linked geospatial data and point out MAS applications that can benefit from research and development in this area.