Argumentation Based models of Agent Reasoning and Communication

Friday, July 18, 2014, 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Presented by Sanjay Modgil
Located in Room 2041

This tutorial teaches fundamental concepts in logic-based models of argumentation and dialogue, and discusses the benefits of such models for agent reasoning and communication. Students will first be taught the fundamentals of logic-based argumentation, rationality postulates for argumentation, and the conditions under which these postulates are satisfied. Argument game proof theories will then be presented, and subsequently generalised to models of persuasion, deliberation and negotiation dialogues. Students will be taught fundamentals of dialogue protocols which govern the goal orientated submission of agent locutions, the contents of which implicitly define arguments that are evaluated in order to further guide dialogical interactions. The tutorial will then review an application of multi-agent argumentation developed by a European Union project, highlighting the benefits of argumentation as a means for facilitating reasoning and communication between agents. The review will conclude with an interactive session in which students will be guided in `brainstorming’ design of multi-agent applications that utilise models of argumentation.