Formal analysis of social concepts

Friday, July 18, 2014, 9:15am – 1:15pm
Presented by Andrew J.I. Jones
Located in Room 2041

In a recent paper (“The design of intelligent socio-technical systems”, Artificial Intelligence Review vol 39(1), 2013, pp.5-20, Andrew J I Jones, Alexander Artikis & Jeremy V Pitt) we argue that there is often too little attention paid to matters of conceptual detail in research in the Agents and Multi-agent Systems area; we then propose a methodology in which formal conceptual models of key social notions (such as trust, role and norm) inform the construction of computational models. The tutorial will outline this paper, and then proceed to the description of examples illustrating the application of modal logics to the characterization of basic social concepts.

Those who are planning to attend the tutorial are requested to read the ai review paper beforehand. Download it from here.