João V. Messias

Postdoctoral researcher
Institute for Systems and Robotics – Lisbon, PT

João Messias is a post­doctoral researcher at ISR ­Lisbon. He received his PhD at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in 2014, under the supervision of Pedro Lima (ISR­IST) and Matthijs Spaan (TU Delft), on the topic of decision­making under uncertainty for multi­robot systems. He is currently working on long­term applications of networked robot systems for human assistance. His research interests include Cooperative Robotics, planning under uncertainty, and mobile robot navigation. João has participated and contributed to AAMAS/AAAI since 2010, and has served on the program and review committee of several related conferences. He has also been a regular participant/team leader in international robotics competitions (RoboCup) since 2009. João is a co­organizer for the 2014 Workshop on Multiagent Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty (MSDM).