Sanjay Modgil

King’s College London, UK

Sanjay Modgil is a lecturer in the Department of Informatics, King’s College London. His current research focus is in logic-based models of argumentation and dialogue, and more recently integration of these models with hu- man orientated modes of debate and discourse. Specifically he has worked  on integrating argumentation based reasoning about preferences in argumentation frameworks, metalevel argumentation (in collaboration with T. Bench-Capon), and the ASPIC+ model of structured argumentation (with H.Prakken). He has also worked on application of theoretical models of argumentation in medical, normative and legal domains. He was co-chair of the TAFA 2011 and TAFA 2013 workshops ( TAFA-13/Welcome.html), co-chair of the Agreement Technologies COST action working group on Argumentation and Negotiation (http://www.agreement-, and co-organiser of the ACAI 2013 (http://www.inf. and EASSS 2013 ( events/easss13/) summer schools.