AuctionCoord: Evaluation of Auction-Based Algorithms for Coordination of Robot Teams
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Start Date: 2007-01-01
End Date: 2008-01-01
Project Status: completed
Budget for TUC: 5,000 euros
Role for TUC: prime
Principal Investigator for TUC: Michail G. Lagoudakis
Project Description
In the last decade robotics researchers have turned their attention to the benefits of using robot teams consisting of many small and inexpensive robots instead of monolithic expensive robots for the completion of difficult missions, such as planetary exploration or search-and-rescue. Advantages, such as parallelization of tasks, distributed operation, multiplicity of action plans, lower cost, and failure recovery, are very attractive for researchers and users of robotic systems, however they require successful coordination among the robotic team members. This new trend led to intense research in the area of distributed coordination algorithms, best represented by auction-based algorithms, whereby virtual auctions are used for task allocation and mission planning. This project aims at an experimental evaluation of a family of such algorithms which have been studied in depth in the past from a theoretical point of view, but their performance on real robots have not yet been assessed.
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