PoTrain: Positive Thinking Training
Contract Details
Programme Acronym: OTHER EU PROGRAMMES
Contract No: 509925-2010-LLP-RO-COMENIUS-CAM
Start Date: 2010-11-01
End Date: 2012-02-28
Project Status: execution
Budget for TUC: N/A
Role for TUC: contractor
Principal Investigator for TUC: Euripides G.Μ. Petrakis
Project Description
Media and especially TV bombard us daily with news mainly negative, systematically ignoring many constructive and positive news that are taking place.

In this way, a negative psychological attitude is promoted, resulting in intensifying pessimism. This negative psychological state has more serious repercussions to young people, who should be learning of what positive is happening around us and envisioning a better future for themselves and the world.

The idea of the project is

  1. to offer to students from different countries a non formal education which will train them in team working to collect positive news from local, national, European and Global sources, to classify them into categories in order to present them in a positive news web site, by using modern computer technology methods.
    The students will:
    • build up a positive way of thinking which will make them optimistic for the future
    • acquire skills they are getting from the formal education and apply them in their daily lives
    • improve their native and foreign languages abilities
    • be encouraged to learn and to use digital technology
    • develop team work with other students around Europe
  2. to train the teachers to be capable of guiding the students on how:
    • to search and collect positive news by using computer technology, translate them into English, categorize and present them in a positive news web site
  3. to disseminate the positive way of thinking to other students and citizens by increasing the number of the active visitors of the web site and the number of positive news providers

The target group is the secondary school students and teachers.

The Leader is a public authority who assures the quality of Education and train educators.
The partners are:

  • the department of Intelligent Systems of a Technical University
  • an adult training organization
  • 4 European secondary schools

The products are:

  • training material for trainers and trainees in 5 languages
  • web site for the project
  • the positive news site

Official Project Web Site:
Related Publications
  • Argyropoulos S., Petrakis E., Milios P.: A Positive Thinking Training Application, In Proc. of the 1st International Conference on Technological Ecosystem for Enhancing Multiculturality, (TEEM 2013), November, 14-15, 2013, Salamanca, Spain.
    Publication Type: Conference Publications [abstract] [file]
  • Argyropoulos S., Petrakis E.: Applying Information Technology in Education: Two Applications on the Web, In Proc. of the 24th Annual Conference of European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering (EAEEIE 2013), Chania, Greece, May 2013.
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