ViP: Visit Planner: Integrated Information and Tour Planning Service for Cruise Tourism based on Hybrid Recommender Systems.

Contract Details
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Start Date: 2020-06-01
End Date: 2022-12-31
Project Status: accepted
Budget for TUC: 104,751 euros
Role for TUC:
Principal Investigator for TUC: Georgios Chalkiadakis
Project Description
The goal of the project is the development of an integrated tourist services platform aiming at the best experience of the visitors of any city in Greece. The project aims to address the most important problems facing tourist visitors today, and to cover all their needs for a satisfactory experience in the available time of their visit. In addition, it aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship by offering local tourism professionals an additional, effective means of promoting and advertising products and services. Particular emphasis is given to cruise tourists, a category of tourism with particular characteristics and needs that the project aspires to cover, such as limited visit time.