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Team Kouretes 2007
   ◊ Application › (pdf)
Includes team information, software details, and current research.
   ◊ Video 1 › (video)
Demonstration of ball seeking, headers, goal keeper blocks, and localization.
   ◊ Video 2 › (video)
Demonstration of localization in the 2007 field with only 2 beacons and the new goals.
   ◊ Video 3 › (video)
Demonstration of a 2x2 game in the 2006 field.
   ◊ Video 4 › (video)
Our entry in the Passing Challenge at RoboCup 2006 in Bremen.
Our robots were a bit slow given that we programmed everything from scratch in an interpreted language (URBI). Nevertheless, they tried to do exactly what they were supposed to do according to the rules. One robot grabbed the ball (it took about a minute), turned around, recognized a teammate, and passed the ball straight to him. Unfortunately, the teammate was looking for the ball in the opposite direction, so he failed to catch it. The ball bounced back somewhere in between and all players got stuck waiting for a pass. We didn't score any point, but at least we are proud that our robots focused on passing the ball and didn't run around the field scoring goals in empty goals! :)
       Technical University Of Crete-Greece