Kouretes + AUEBo 2008

RoboCup 2008 Four-Legged League Application

  • Application [pdf]
    Team information and current research interests

  • Video 1 [wmv]
    Our very first goal in an official robocup game (18/04/2007 - Kouretes vs. German Team)

  • Video 2 [wmv]
    Our best goal during RoboCup German Open 2007 (19/04/2007 - Kouretes vs. Impossibles)

  • Video 3 [mpg]
    The best moments of Kouretes during RoboCup German Open 2007 (April 2007)

  • Video 4 [wmv]
    The Pressing Defense Tactic of our Petri Net Plan Coordination in action

  • Diff [txt]
    A diff file showing differences between our Kouretes2007 code and the SPQRLegged2006 code