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July 20 July 20

MSRS Simulation in RoboCup 2008 Suzhou MSRS Simulation in RoboCup 2008 Suzhou

MSRS, Microsoft Robotic Studio, an environment for simulation of robots. MSRS, Microsoft Robotic Studio, an environment for simulation of robots.
Nao 是Aldebaran公司的开发的一个双足机器人,不少足球机器人仿真组竞赛也以Nao机器人为作为仿真模型,包括3D, MSRS, Robotstadium(Webots and URBI)。 Nao Aldebaran is the development of a biped robot, many soccer robot simulation group also Nao robot contest for a simulation model, including 3 D, MSRS, Robotstadium (Webots and URBI). 除了3D之外,这些类人的仿真项目都是第一次出现在RoboCup2008的苏州舞台。 Apart from the 3 D, these kind of simulation projects are the first time in the Suzhou RoboCup2008 stage.
MSRS Nao 一共有五支队伍, Kouretes, Aeolus, WE, Hfutengine, UBCThunder. Kouretes来自Greece,有一只Nao实体机器人的球队,UBCThunder 来自Canada,不过参赛的是中国留学生。 MSRS Nao a total of five teams, Kouretes, Aeolus, WE, Hfutengine, UBCThunder. Kouretes from Greece, Nao entities have a robot team, UBCThunder from Canada, but the entries are Chinese students. 剩下的是中国队伍,WE/Hfutengine 参加过去年Aibo狗的MSRS仿真。 China is the rest of the team, WE / Hfutengine participated in last year's Aibo dog MSRS simulation. Aeolus 是我们. Aeolus is.

今年最后的结果是: The end result is this:
  1. Kouretes Technical University of Crete, Greece Kouretes Technical University of Crete, Greece
  2. TsinghuAeolus Tsinghua University, China TsinghuAeolus Tsinghua University, China
  3. WrightEagle University of Science and Technology of China, China WrightEagle University of Science and Technology of China, China
(他们欧冠国家果然有足球意识哇…… 我们都基本在捣腾机器人,忘了足球) (Sure enough countries have their Champions League football awareness wow…… we are basically in Daoteng robot, forget football)

--------------- ---------------

到7.20, 5天的竞赛时间,这个组实际上只有两天六场比赛而已…… 前三天属于"Practice Time"。 To 7.20, five days of competition, this group actually only two days six games…… just three days before a "Practice Time". 从"CFP"公告到现在仅仅两个月,大家基本上都是从零开始摸索,对着MSRS的文档和Aldbaran的NaoSoccerPlayer代码,单机玩机器人仿真。 From "CFP" Notice to now only two months, we are basically starting from scratch explored, in front of the documents and MSRS Aldbaran the NaoSoccerPlayer code, stand-alone playing robot simulation. btw,这玩意儿对机器的要求真不低,得按游戏机的配置来配工作机。 btw, this stuff on the machines really do not require low profile in the game to work with machines.

14-15 注册日,错过了第一天的会议,第二天在场地见到的Kyle Johns,他主持这个组的比赛。 Registration 14-15, missed the first day of the meeting, the venue the following day to see Kyle Johns, he chaired the group game. He is really a nice person. He is really a nice person.

16-18 "Practice Time", Play For Fun. 实际上是调试机器代码和临时写策略。 16-18 "Practice Time", Play For Fun. Actually a code debugger machines and provisional write strategy. Kyle 帮助了我们许多,第一,Run Simulation Distributedly。 Kyle has helped many of us, first, Run Simulation Distributedly. 这是MSRS平台自己的一个特点,服务(=程序)代码不用任何修改,而通过manifest.xml配置文件的修改,可以分布在网络上若干机器上运行。 MSRS This is a feature of their platform, services (= procedures) do not have any changes in the code, adopted by the manifest.xml profile changes, can be distributed on the network to run on certain machines. 比赛使用了3台机器,Referee Server + all webcams for robots + ... 一台,两个队伍的服务各一台。 The use of a 3 game machine, Referee Server + all webcams for robots + ..., one Taiwan, the services of the two teams, one Taiwan. 第一台机器负荷还是相当大。 The first machine load or quite large. 第二,对NaoSoccerPlayer到补充,一些实现通信的代码,不过我都还没看过,Kouretes的小伙子搞了一把,然后比赛貌似会导致服务挂掉,不知道后面搞定了没。 Second, to the NaoSoccerPlayer added that some communications code, but I have not read, Kouretes carrying out a youngster, then competition will lead to service Guadiao seemingly did not know did not get behind. 第三,Penalty Kick的比赛模式作为解决平局的方法,虽然到最后常规比赛平局的,PK基本都是平局。 Third, Penalty Kick competition model as a solution to the tie the way, although the final regular match of the tie, PK are basic tie.

19 Semi-Final,5进3。 19 Semi-Final, 5 Progressive 3. 我的初期预想是4v4的常规比赛,大家都机器人搅在一起,0:0 收场,然后开始PK。 I expected the initial 4 v4 is the conventional game, we all robot stirred together, ended 0-0, then started PK. 头一天在认真地研究PK策略,但是发现完全败了... Kyle 把球放在了中场,加上摩擦力参数从0到0.25(当然0肯定是没道理的),没有任何球队有能力一脚把球踢过半场的距离。 First day in a serious look PK strategy, but found the ... Kyle completely lost the ball in the midfield, coupled with friction parameters from 0-0.25 (of course, is certainly good reason forfurther growth of 0), no team has The ability to Qiuti kicked off half the distance. 然而1分钟的限时对现在这么慢速的行走和方向调整来说,太难了。 But the one minute time limit on the run now so slow and direction of adjustment, too hard. 我们PK最好的成绩是80s-90s勉强能把球弄进去,且还是概率事件。 Our achievements are the best PK 80 s-90s barely able to get the ball up, and the incident or the probability.
但比赛的状态让人意外,也充满了乐趣。 But the state of competition people accident, but also full of fun. 第一场WE vs Hfut ,WE因为代码Bug很快就挂掉变成塑像了,先前看到的漂亮的招牌式小鸟转圈的动作在第一天比赛里都没有看到。 The first WE vs Hfut, WE because the code Bug Guadiao quickly turned into a statue, previously seen the beautiful signs of birdies Zhuanquan action on the first day of the game have not seen. 最后他们赢了,因为Hfut进球了,只不过是进了自己球门而已。 Finally, they won, because Hfut goals, is only just into their own goal.
比赛的关键点一下明朗起来,因为裁判规则:在哪方半场球出界就会把球重置到该半场的大禁区角落,那么这个关键点就是,谁先在对方半场把球踢出界。 Key points of the game uncertain, because a magistrate rules: which side will be half the ball out of bounds to reset the ball to the corner half of the restricted area, then the key point is that whoever in the other half the ball kicked out of sector . 视觉处理上的问题,3/5的队伍判断不好位置和朝向,包括是否对着的是己方球门。 Visual processing problem, 3 / 5 of the team and towards the location of bad judgement, including whether one's own side is in front of the goal. 第一天的常规比赛总计10个左右的进球,own goals 超过一半。 The first day of the regular game total of 10 around the goal, own goals more than half. 第一场平局出现在WE 对Aeolus。 The first tie in WE the Aeolus. 原本“PK到决出胜负”,但4轮都没有任何建树,考虑到不要再浪费地球资源和生命,只能决定平分。 The original "PK that decided the outcome," but four have no contribution, taking into account not to waste the earth's resources and lives, only decided to deuce.
Semi的积分结果Kouretes 全胜第一,WE 二胜一平第二,Aeolus以其出色的进球能力,包揽了其参与的比赛的全部进球,一胜二平第三,其中一场平局2:2 一场负局0:2,贡献了8个进球,其中4个own goals,是3/5中成绩最好的。 Semi Kouretes the integration of the first complete victory, WE 2-a-second, Aeolus his outstanding ability goals and taking care of its participation in the competition all the goals, wins a two-third, including a tie 2: 2 negative, a 2-0, had eight goals, four own goals, is 3 / 5 in the best results.

20 Final,前三单循环记分。 20 Final, the first three single loop points. Kouretes最出彩的是其前踏步脚底向后磕球动作,反映出开发者良好的足球素养,因此他没有own goal 过;WE 最出彩的是转向动作,因此也没有own goal过;Aeolus只会前向踢球加前进蹭球,但是“strongly agressive”,其获胜比赛的前提就是goal > own goal。 Kouretes most of its color to mark time before Ke ball moves back and the soles of the feet, to reflect the development of good quality football, so he did not own goal off; WE most of the color is to move and thus did not own goal off; Aeolus only former Canada to play the ball forward Ceng, but "strongly agressive", won their match on the premise that goal> own goal. Kouretes守门员的非倒底式前向拱球动作很high,但很不好的就是他把一个场上队员也弄成同样策略,弄得经常全场手球,虽然没判;WE 的守门员应该是最好的动作,倒地定时爬起非常流畅,可惜到了Final,队伍的Bug依然在(根据规则,代码的最后提交是Semi结束后,从发现Bug到调试,大概也就3-4个小时,但他们的代码规模实在不小……)光守门员能流畅动作,不足以支持他们赢比赛。 Kouretes the non-goalkeeper to the former arch-Daodi moves the ball very high, but he is very good to a ground crew also Nongcheng the same strategy, the result often全场handball, although not sentenced; WE goalkeeper should be the most Good move, lying on the ground regularly Paqi very fluent, but to the Final, the Bug is still in the ranks (in accordance with the rules, the final code is Semi submitted after the discovery Bug to debug, it probably 3-4 hours, but Their code is not a small scale……)-Goalkeeper be fluent action, they would not be sufficient to win competitions. Aeolus的守门员属于一次性用品,倒地之后不愿意起来,且倔强地被裁判强制重置依然会继续倒地(这个其实是Bug.. 不过虽然修正了但决赛也没能更新) Aeolus goalkeeper is a one-time items, fell on the ground after the unwilling, to be stubborn and forced relocation decision will still continue to lying on the ground (this is in fact Bug .. But although the amendment to the finals but failed to update)

Aeolus win WE 1:0,所谓RP与运气,终于有了一场goal > own goal的比赛。 Aeolus win WE 1:0, the so-called RP and luck, and finally with a goal> own goal of the game. 上半场在Aeolus门前乱战,挺住了;下半场在WE门前乱战,成功踹进一个。 Aeolus in the first half in front of Luanzhan, hold on; WE in the second half in front of Luanzhan, into a successful kick.

Kouretes win Aeolus 3:0,所谓RP耗尽,上半场球纠结在Kouretes门前,一脚门柱(虽然是慢慢滚上去的)让人心碎不已。 Kouretes win Aeolus 3:0, the so-called RP exhausted, entangled in the first half Kouretes front of the ball, kicked the goal posts (though the boost is slowly rolling)不已people heartbreaking. 下半场Kouretes发飙,连中二元。 Kouretes Fabiao the second half, even in the dual. Aeolus最后进了一个own goal,挽回了一些颜面。 Aeolus last into an own goal, to restore some face. 以共计10粒入球,有效入球为0的成绩结束了所有比赛。 To a total of 10 goals, scored effective results for the 0 end all competitions.

Kouretes win WE 1:0。 Kouretes win WE 1:0. 座次排定。 Seating scheduled.

镜头s: Lens s:
第一个进球是own goal。 The first goal was own goal.
第一个非own goal 是Aeolus 对UBCThunder时,前场混战机器人爬起来的时候用头顶进去的,不过第二个入球算是正常一些。 The first non-own goal is to UBCThunder Aeolus, the former field scuffle when the robot used to climb up into the head, but the second goal as the normal number.
Kouretes 貌似攻入了唯一一个PK,不过当时没看…… Kouretes seemingly scored the only PK, but then did not see……
最雷的own goals来自于Aeolus vs Hfut, 之一是守门员扑住了射门(忘了是哪边射的),然则他不起来被强制站起,然后他又下去了,于是把球碰进去了;之二是是从Hfut球门长途奔袭到己方球门然后…… 着实令人赞叹。 Most of mine own goals from Aeolus vs Hfut, is one of the goalkeeper Puzhu shot (forget is Nabian radio), What he did not to be compelled to stand up, and then he go on, so the ball into touch ; The second is from the long-range raid Hfut goal to goal and then our own…… truly amazing.
Kouretes 攻入Aeolus的第一个球非常精彩,禁区侧前方离球还有一段距离时,突然前向倒地头顶射门,虽然我怀疑是那个扑球动作bug了,但是确实很帅…… Aeolus Kouretes scored the first goal is very exciting, restricted area in front of the side still some distance away from the ball, before suddenly shot to the head lying on the ground, although I suspected that the bug Puqiu action, but did Henshuai……

-------------------------------- --------------------------------

Future: 如何才能拥有欧美,哦不,Osaka那样坚实的全向小碎步呢…… Future: How can we have in Europe and America, oh no, Osaka, as a firm-wide to small Suibu……?
BTW, Osaka 又败给NimbRo了…… 不知道哪里有video可以看 BTW, Osaka and lost to the NimbRo…… do not know where the video can be seen

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