First Step – Write Liveness Formula

If you want to create a new StateChart the easiest way to do it, is to start from writing the livenness formula according to ASEME methodology.

Go to File → New → StateChart Formula.

Or choose from the toolbar.

A window appears, and all you have to do is first enter the name of the formula/model in the respectively text box.

Then write the Liveness Formula in the respectively text box. In the text box appears a sample of a simple soccer

player's behavior, you can use it as a guide for your formula. You can use other samples of behaviors.

After completing the above, click the OK button . You should now choose the source folder of the existing

activities and your StateChart Model(EMF) is saved in your workspace, as an *.stct file. A file dialog will apear and you

would have to select the folder for code generation. If your want to develop a behavior according to Monas architecture

you would have to choose the “Monas/src/activities” folder for generation. The activities templates will be generated

to activities folder and the statechart with its transitions in “Monas/src/statecharts” folder. Since you have chosen a

folder the model is connected to a local code repository.


Operators for Liveness Formula(Table 1 from “THE AGENT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING METHODOLOGY (ASEME)” ):



x . y

x followed y

x | y

x or y occurs


x occurs 0 or more times


x occurs 1 or more times

x occurs infinitely


x is optional

x | | y

x and y interleaved


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