Second Step – Initialize and Edit the Diagram Model

After completing successfully first step your EMF Model's file is in your workspace, so now you

are able to initialize the model's graphical representation.

Go to File →Initialize kse diagram file.

Choose the model you want to initialize click on Next button.

Choose the element Model as the root element and click on Finish button.

The Diagram (Graphical representation of the model) is now open on the editor.

If the states are overpopulated or overlapped press ctrl +A and go to Diagram → Arrange → All,

or choose the above action's icon from the toolbar. It is possible that you will have to arrange the

diagram elements more than one times.

If you have followed all the steps carefully and no error has occurred, you can now add the input

message variables to the BASIC states, which are unimplemented and choose from the

toolbar to edit the BASIC state's activity. You can alsofill the necessary transition expressions.

For writing the transition's expression you need to follow the grammar's syntax.

If you leave any transition expression empty, it means that it is always true. When you finish the

editing of the model you can generate the C++ code for Monas architecture.

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