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Date Event
July 14-20
RoboCup 2008
Kouretes won the 1st place in SPL-MSRS
Kouretes won the 3rd place in SPL-Nao
Kouretes were among the best 8 teams in SPL-Webots
Results, Pictures, and Videos
RoboCup 2008 Qualification
Our joint team Kouretes+AUEBo for the SPL-Aibo league
Qualification Material (report, video)
February 24
Orizontes - Kydon TV A documentary about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at TUC
Video (mp4, 95 Mb)

Date Event
October 5-6
Hi-Tech Innovator's Partenariat
Friendly games with invited team Cerberus
Album (21 pictures)
July 1-10
RoboCup 2007
Our first title - 2nd place out of 9
Album (24 pictures)
April 16-21
RoboCup German Open 2007
Our first games, goals, and wins - 7th place out of 10
Album (57 pictures, 5 video clips)
Official Competition Results
RoboCup 2007 Preparation
Our team is after all fully functional
Qualification Material (report, video)
Date Event
June 14-18 RoboCup 2006 Working at full speed for the technical challenges
Album (39 pictures, 1 video clip)
Team Poster (PDF)
May MEGA TV session Setting up the stage for a 5 minute TV demo
Album (37 pictures)
April Our second steps ...  Trying hard to program our robots
Album (15 pictures)
March 20-24 BEST-Chania Course
Lab sessions and robot soccer have fun!
Album (75 pictures, 5 video clips)
February Our first steps ...  Measuring, painting, cutting, ...
Album (33 pictures)
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