Kouretes Robocup Team

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Kouretes Robocup Team

Welcome to the home page of Kouretes,
the RoboCup team of the Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece.

Watch a nice video about Kouretes featured on the Excellence Program of the Ministry of Education.

Watch a Brief Presentation (in Greek) of Team Kouretes in PPS or PDF


Team Kouretes at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven, Netherlands (June 2013)

robocup2011-jointteam robocup2011-robots

Our joint team Noxious-Kouretes (left) and our Aldebaran Nao robots (right)
Our joint team won the 2nd place in the SPL Open Challenge Competition of RoboCup 2011

[click on the pictures for high-resolution files]

Our team is based at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete.

The team's name, Kouretes, comes from the Ancient Greek Mythology. Our robots are Epimides, Paionaios, Iasios, Idas, and Iraklis and they are named after the five Kouretes brothers, the ancient Cretan warriors.