The Story of Hermes and Aristophanes


Hello my Friends!

My name is Hermes and this is my brother Aristophanes next to me. He is busy enjoying a beverage at the moment, so I'll talk to you.

We arrived in this world only a few years ago in a little country known as Hellas (Greece). Our loving parents, Savvas and Marianna, are elementary school teachers in the city of Lamia. They raised us providing everything we ever needed, especially their parental love.

It was not a long time ago that we were both diagnosed with the San Filippo syndrome. The doctors told our parents that there is no treatment available. They couldn't believe it, but they didn't give up. With the help of other family members, they found a place where kids with the same syndrome are being treated. This was the only hope. We started a long journey and we arrived at the Duke University Hospital on January 24th, 2003. Eight kids had been treated before us. We were going to be the 9th and the 10th cases.

We received our cordial blood transplants on March 13th, 2003. The next few months were very difficult. It was a long fight. At times, we seemed to be making progress, at other times we seemed to not be doing well. A number of people stood by to help us and our parents. Our grandmother, Angelica, traveled all the way from Greece to be with us at this difficult moment.

My little brother Aristophanes unfortunately lost the battle on Friday, May 30th, 2003. He joined all those kids, our brothers and sisters, who depart early from this world and become angels. He never stopped talking to me, encouraging me to continue the battle. I did. I received a second transplant on June 4th, 2003. I fought. Mom and Dad and Grandma were constantly next to me. People at different places in the world prayed. But it was meant to be otherwise. Today, on this sunny day, June 25th, 2003, I departed to join my little brother.

We are now together, so close to each other. I know, you all feel very sad, but please don't cry. We all go through this mystery: birth, life, death. For us, the journey through life was short, but nevertheless it was so meaningful. Don't forget us, as we will never forget you.

Mom and Dad, we have no words to express our gratitude for everything you did for us. We love you. Both of us wanted to be with you, to grow strong, to make you happy, but it was not meant for us to be together for long. We will be watching you from up above and we will be waiting for you. One day we will all be one loving family again, eternally united.

Dear Relatives, Doctors, Nurses, Friends, known and unknown, close and distant, we thank you all for everything you have done for us. We will remember you. Please, don't forget us. One day we will meet again.

We love you all!

Hermes and Aristophanes

The webpage that our Mom created for us.