Event Recognition with CFGs
My Master Thesis was a part of the NOPTILUS project in which I was trying to recognize events with the use of Probabilisitc Contex-Free grammars.
The code is available here.
Kinematics for NAO
As part of my Diploma Thesis, I solved the problem of Forward and Inverse Kinematics for the NAO Humanoid robot. Two demos were created to illustrate our solution
My thesis is available here. The code for my thesis is available here.
Artificial Intelligent agent for the reversi game
A minimax implementation for the reversi game designed for the course of Artificial Intelligent. To achieve high execution speed the a-b pruning approach has been implemented together with a hash table to exploit the fact that many paths have as a result the same board configuration. My agent was the winner of the course league.
A detailed report is available here (in Greek).
Implementation of a particle filter with CUDA
As a project for my graduate class "Design of Specialized Computer Architecture" I implemented in CUDA the particle filter that team KOURETES uses for RoboCup. The resulted speed-up was 14 times faster.
A detailed report is available here.
Communication between agents in Robostadium
As a project for the under-graduate class "Autonomous Agents" I implemented a communication protocol used for cooperation. For more details please refer to the site of the project.
Construction of a RoofTop network
As a project for the under-graduate class "Network 2" we constructed a wireless link between two buildings of our campus whose distance is 365 meters.
A detailed report is available here (in Greek).